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Ben Hogan Equalizer Black 3 Wedge Combo

メーカー Ben Hogan
商品名 Ben Hogan Equalizer Black 3 Wedge Combo









Ben Hogan Equalizer Black 3 Wedge Combo

The Equalizer is back and better than ever.
During his playing career, Ben Hogan’s competitors called his Pitching Wedge his “Equalizer” because he used it so effectively. While he was never the longest or even most accurate player on Tour, Ben Hogan had one of the best short games in the business.

Ben Hogan credited his short game success to his wedge design. He knew 65 years ago that ‘unbalanced’ wedges … wedges with too much weight positioned near the sole of the club and, in turn, very thin faces … wouldn’t perform consistently. After years of experimenting with weight distribution, he found one of his many ‘secrets’.

We’ve incorporated Ben Hogan’s wedge design philosophy across an entirely new line of Gap, Sand and Lob wedges … all worthy to bear the legendary Equalizer name. Equalizer wedges not only perform exceptionally well around the greens, but they look great too. They truly are the perfect blend of science with artistry.

Feel and feedback where you need it most on the course.
Becoming a great wedge player starts with great hands. The best short game players have ‘feel’ that is hard to define … and even harder to learn. It’s next to impossible to learn ‘feel’ if you are using wedges that don’t provide any feedback or provide any sense of how you’ve struck a shot.

Unfortunately, most of the leading wedges on the market today are investment cast. Casting is a cheap, easy way to make wedges (and irons for that matter). The problem is that when metal is melted and liquefied, the molecular structure is changed. This creates a very hard material and, in turn, a very harsh feeling at impact.

As with all Ben Hogan irons and wedges, Equalizer wedges are forged from soft, 1025 carbon steel. This allows the grain flow of the material to maintain its integrity and create a sense of continuity between the club head and your hands.

No more ballooning wedge shots.
Most modern-day wedges are designed to do one thing: get the ball up in the air as quickly as possible and, in turn, as highly as possible. Their Centers of Mass have been pushed as low as possible in the club head with a ‘one size fits all’ design philosophy. As a result, shots hit with any kind of wedge ‘balloon’ reducing accuracy and spin.

Each Equalizer wedge has been engineered to serve a specific need. While their basic shapes are classical, our engineers have developed an ingenious progressive Center of Mass system in the various wedges. We’ve moved more mass higher in the club head of the lower lofted gap wedges, and incrementally lowered it in the sand and more highly lofted lob wedges.

In effect, the lower lofted wedges have a higher Center of Mass that generates flatter, penetrating shot trajectories that skip on the green, and stop quickly. The higher lofted wedges have been designed with a lower Center of Mass to deliver shots that fly higher, land softly on the green and stop. The result is that each Equalizer wedges perform exactly for its intended purposes.

No two wedge shots are alike. Equalizer wedges were developed with this in mind to help you score better around the greens.

Maximum spin and stopping power.
The closer you can hit a wedge shot to the hole, the better your chance of holing a putt. It’s as simple as that.

We designed Ben Hogan Equalizer wedges with the most aggressive grooves allowed by golf’s governing bodies so your shots will stick where you put them on the green. All Equalizer wedges have 0.20″ U-Shaped grooves precisely cut into the face at increments of 0.40″. Machining the grooves into the face after the forging process is an expensive and time consuming extra step in the production process, but one that you’ll appreciate on your first shot.

The faces on all Equalizer wedges are 100% CNC-milled as well. Not only does this ensure that the face is completely flat, but it creates a texturized surface between the grooves. This provides maximum spin on less than full shots when the ball is not fully compressed into the grooves.

New sole geometry for more consistency.
V-Sole® technology has long been a trademark of Ben Hogan irons and wedges. All Ft. Worth, PTx irons and Ben Hogan TK wedges utilize the original V-Sole technology which combines a high bounce leading edge and low bounce trailing edge on the sole. This revolutionary technology developed with the input of Tour players was designed to allow the club head to cut through heavy rough or hard fairways more effectively.
The new, Enhanced V-Sole Technology used on Ben Hogan Equalizer wedges has been modified for a wider variety of golfers and course conditions. The bounce on the leading edge has been ‘softened’ slightly, and we’ve added more bounce on the sole. This all but eliminates the club head from digging into the ground for those players with a steep angle of attack. The straighter leading edge also helps with alignment and reduces dispersion.

After countless hours of testing with a wide variety of players, we’ve found that the Enhanced V-Sole design provides golfers with more consistent impact and distance control from a wide variety of turf conditions.

Wedges that work together to lower scores.
At Ben Hogan Golf, we firmly believe in consistent 4-degree loft gaps between all irons. All Ben Hogan iron sets incorporate the PreciseLoft System for optimal distance gapping and to minimize loft ‘compression’ at the short end of your set.
However, we understand that your wedge set up may be more personal. Some players like to carry two gap wedges … one with a weak loft and also a stronger one. Others like two sand wedges; one each for soft and wet sand.

That’s why Equalizer wedges are offered in a variety of profiles and lofts. Choose from three different gap wedges (48, 50 or 52 degrees), three different sand wedges (54, 56 and 58 degrees), and two lob wedges (60 and 62 degrees). As with all Ben Hogan irons, you can customize Ben Hogan Equalizer wedges with free length, lie and grip modifications available at no charge.




彼のプレイ中、Ben Hoganの競合他社はピッチのウェッジを「イコライザー」と呼んでいました。彼がツアーで最長または最も正確なプレーヤーになることは決してありませんでしたが、ベンホーガンはビジネスで最高のショートゲームの1つを持っていました。


Ben Hoganは彼の短いゲームの成功を彼のくさびの設計に信じた。




私たちはBen Hoganのウェッジデザイン哲学をギャップ、サンド、ロブのウェッジのまったく新しいラインに取り入れました…すべてが伝説的なイコライザーの名を冠する価値があります。













すべてのBen Hoganアイアンとウェッジと同様に、Equalizerウェッジは柔らかい1025炭素鋼から鍛造されています。

















V-Sole®技術は、Ben Hoganのアイアンとウェッジの商標です。

すべてフォート。価値があるPTxアイアンとベンホーガンTKウェッジは、ソールにハイバウンスリーディングエッジとローバウンストレーリングエッジを組み合わせたオリジナルのV – ソール技術を利用しています。


Ben Hogan Equalizerウェッジに使用されている新しい強化されたVソールテクノロジーは、より幅広い種類のゴルファーとコースコンディションのために修正されました。最先端のバウンスはわずかに「柔らかく」なり、ソールのバウンスが増えました。



多種多様なプレーヤーによる数え切れないほどのテスト時間の後、私たちはEnhanced V-Soleデザインが多種多様な芝条件からより一貫したインパクトと距離コントロールをゴルファーに提供することを発見しました。



すべてのBen Hoganアイロンセットには、最短距離での最適な距離ギャップ調整と、セットの短い方の端でのロフトの「圧縮」を最小限に抑えるためのPreciseLoftシステムが組み込まれています。








すべてのBen Hoganアイアンと同様に、Ben Hogan Equalizerウェッジを自由な長さ、うそ、グリップの変更を無料で利用できます。



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